Since 2006, Luxury Places has specialised in the selling of luxury properties in the Lake Geneva region and the Alps with an average sale price of 5 to 30 million Swiss francs. We participate each year to some of the most exclusive transactions on Lake Geneva, specializing more than any agent on the ultra prime market

With 12 years’ experience, during which we have supported hundreds of clients with their acquisitions or sales in Switzerland, our agents benefit from unequalled knowledge of the luxury property market.

Along with this experience, we always look for the best compromise between buyer and seller and advise each party to that end.
Five tips for a successful sale

Agent understanding

To sell your property, we need your support. Having good knowledge of your situation, expectations and requirements is just as important for us as knowing the technical aspects of your property. It’s just as important for you to understand our business and the market we work in. This will enable you, when the time comes, to make an informed decision. We estimate the market value of your property, compare it with similar sales made and then include it in a range of more than 250 luxury properties in the region.

Coherent strategy

A thorough, comprehensive analysis allows us to define a sales strategy which best suits your situation, especially in terms of advertising exposure. The time properties take to sell can be long. The sales approach needs to be well thought out to be sustainable and avoid sudden and frequent changes, which can affect the position of your property on the market.

Quality marketing

The sales file, our website and the different forms of advertising we use constitute the first contact between the potential buyer and your property. As a result, special care needs to be taken with this marketing. The visuals should be prominent, and the information should be clear but distributed sparingly to allow the agent to focus on human contact.

Preparation of visits

In the age of the Internet, a potential buyer might receive hundreds of emails from advertising sites and estate agencies. We use a powerful software tool that helps us to better target potential customers. Nonetheless, our priority remains meeting with our customers. This allows us to get to know them and them to get to know us. The visit remains by far the most important moment for us, although we limit the number to perfectly targeted customers. Our agents are experienced and professional. Please feel free to let them make visits alone with their clients. This will often be more comfortable and can help us gain important information. Any flexibility on your part regarding visiting hours is also a great help.

Master negotiators

As a specialist in their market sector, your agent will have tens, sometimes hundreds, of sales to their name. They’re ideally placed to capitalise on your property’s intrinsic selling points, disregarding any emotional aspect that might arise during a negotiation. Trust them and take full advantage of their experience of negotiations that are focused, not just on price, but on reaching an agreement on all clauses in the deeds.